Monday, January 10, 2005

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Michael Moore accepts the award for Favorite Movie for Farenheit 9/11.
Photo: AFP

1. "I haven't been this happy since I had Han Solo frozen in carbonite."

2. Locating the Deep G Penetrator secured Michael Moore's victory in Andrew Sullivan's annual scavenger hunt.

3. "Evil rules!"

4. ..and yet, Moore thought. I'd give it all up just to see my penis again.

5. "I'm retaining water... which is why Lake Erie is missing."

6. Michael Moore graciously accepts his specially-scaled Weight Watchers 'lost-my-first-10%' keychain award . (Props to Miss M)

7. Later on, Michael Moore would wow Jenna Jamison and Tracy Lords with his ability to deep throat the award like a 20 lb. ham and tie Slim Jims into knots with his tongue.

8. Displaying the class and subtlety for which he was renowned, Michael Moore ended his acceptance speech with, "By the way, don't use the john for a while, as soon as I get done here I'm going to stink it up real good by pinching off some enormous turds."

9. Michael Moore's triumph turned to disappointment and later despair when he found out the award was made of metal and not, in fact, milk chocolate surrounding a gooey nougat center.

10. Yes, Michael Moore is a genius, if the definition of genius has been changed to "a fat dullard or wobblebottom; a pompous ass with sweatly dewflaps". - Blackadder Reference.


lawhawk said...

v the k, dunno if you've seen this page, but on seeing it, I immediately thought of you - not to caption the heck out of it, but because of the subject matter.

AM42 said...

Sorry to hijack the thread, but if anyone's looking for the LFG crowd
(the site's down) they can be found at:

AM42 said...

That's "LGF"

AM42 said...

*Hello... anybody here?*

Sorry, I'm just looking for a quick caption fix.

BTW, From the looks of that picture, Drew Carey has really let himself go these days...

Anonymous said...

Had an all-day meeting. Sorry.

AM42 said...

No apology required : )