Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hajj-Pajj, 2

Male pilgrims don the white, seamless Ihram robes for the duration of the rituals. - BBC

1. "Togas were a great idea! Next year, let's do the hajj dressed as Aunt Bea from Mayberry

2. "Damn, G, how many toads did we lick last night?"

3. One night, the Rat Pack got blitzed on a furniture polish. The next day, Frank, Dino, and Sammy woke up in crazy kookoo Mecca.

4. "I'm wasted, my groin is raw, and I haven't seen my pants in four days. Donald Trump's bachelor party is the bomb!"

5. The Islamic version of Animal House ends with Otter, Boon, and Flounder being beheaded by Dean Wormer.

6. "Okay, okay... here's our story. We were kidnapped, stripped, and anally probed by aliens. We were not rolled and robbed of our clothing by pre-op trans-sexual hookers. The wives must never know!"

7. "Rasheed, I have never seen you so excited. These 'Village People' must really be something."

8. How embarrassing. We all wore the same thing. Two of you will have to be beheaded.

9. "Girlfriend, don't let that nappy-ass queen get you down. When you take that stage, and we break into "Stop! In the name of Love," you will be Miss Diana Ross!"

10. "The hajj is like the Muslim version of Mardi Gras... except there's no beads, no parades, no colorful costumes, no merriment, no music, no alcohol, no women flashing their tits at you... God, our religion sucks!"

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Princess Kimberley said...

This blog should come with a choking hazard warning. OMG, that's some funny shtick!