Thursday, January 13, 2005

God Save Der Fuhrer

Thank you, England. Your inbred, mildly retarded royals are a neverending font of material.

1. "Oh, this? Found it in an old box in the attic. Used to belong to the Duke of Windsor."

2. "French chicks just can't say 'non' when they see me in this."

3. "Found this in me dad's closet with a whip, two tins of shaving cream, and a leather hood."

4. "Hey, what's the difference between this arm-band and one of those gay yellow cancer bracelets... aside from one being good one being evil I mean."

5. Her Majesty Press Agent has determined that the public would rather believe Prince Harry was a closet Nazi than a closet musical-theater-pouf who just got back from tryouts for The Producers.

6. "Nonsense! People who defeated the French was a fabulous theme for this party. Oh, look, there's the Duke of Wellington dressed as a Viet Cong guerilla. Fabulous hat, Duke! Straw, is it?"

7. "Bloody Hell, I should have just dressed as Che Guevara."

8. "This is the last time I borrow a shirt from one of Arafat's bodyguards."

9. "I've been a naughty, naughty Nazi and I now require a spanking from a dominant transvestite top."

10. "It's because I'm a Lesbian, isn't it?


dave bones said...

You have to pay the Sun newspaper 10 grand to put that picture up and plaster "The Sun" in big letters all over your website for at least 2 months.

I.:.S.:. said...