Monday, August 30, 2004

The Obselescent Media

The SwiftVets story would have been strangled in its cradle had the New York Times, the Washington Post, the major networks, the wirse services, and 2 out of 3 cable news services had had their way. The story broke through because talk radio and the blogosphere kept it alive.

A common diss from the left is that one is somehow stupid if one doesn't read newspapers.

So, I'm stupid because I don't get my information using 19th century technology? I've got news for you, leftist idiot. I don't light my house with whale-oil lamps either. I don't keep my food cool in fresh in the long summer months with giant blocks of ice dropped off by a horse-drawn wagon. The person who cuts my hairs is not the person who performs my dentistry. My kids and I entertain ourselves with TiVo and X-Box, not with a stereopticon.

The MSM are relics of a bygone era, an era of centralization wherein editors decided what news the unwashed masses should read, and determined the precise filtration process by which it would be presented to them. Now, those who want the facts can get to them, without interference from the gatekeepers. And the gatekeepers hate that.

Moving America Forward

Went to the Move America Forward website. It was so refreshing. They are doing the job the media did in world war two, before the journalistic "profession" became hardcore anti-American, reminding people what we are fighting for, why it is important, and highlighting the character and heroism of our troops. For every Abu Ghraib, there must be fifty thousand stories of heroism and success the media willfully overlook.

Politics for the Jungen

I've got two boys. The 13yo is very strong-minded, can't wait to join the military, and is absolutely clear that he thinks liberals are idiots. The 14 yo is into music, kind of insecure, and very subjectible to peer pressure. In his heart and mind, he is conservative, but since all his teachers and all the bands he likes are anti-Bush morons, so are his friends, and so he thinks he should be as well. We had a long talk this weekend, and I pretty much laid out my philosophy: Never trust any politician about anything. Bush is awful, but Kerry is worse. It's not about political parties, it's about what you believe yourself, and finding a candidate who is going to screw you over less than the other one. I also told him he was allowed to have any opinion he wanted in this house as long as he can justify it with facts and logic.

I think he appreciated that I gave him an out by being completely anti-political, he places himself at an even cooler notch than his fashionably left friends, while not opening himself up to inquisition from them.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Another Howell Who Should Be Stranded on a Deserted Island

Former New York Times Editor Howell Raines ... a man whose liberal white guilt made him so gullible that he allowed racial con artist Jayson Blair to make the New York Times into a joke with his false reporting ... is bashing Bush's intelligence.

The conversation resulting from this article brought out some interesting points, that I am repeating here without attribution.

They pin the "idiot" label on all Republican presidents. Eisenhower, Nixon--- both "morons." Reagan was certifiably retarded. Bush Sr.'s IQ hovered in mid-double digits...his son flew military jets (any old liberal genius can do that!) and got multiple advanced degrees, but he's imbecilic. It's the same old recycled fallacy--- like the one where all GOP presidents are stinking rich bluebloods. Nixon grew up dirt poor and Reagan's circumstances were little better...but it just doesn't fit the liberal pre-conception. Throws off their tidy, well-ordered little universe, a mindset without contradictions. They accuse conservatives of having a "simplistic, black-and-white worldview"--- they're projecting. Practically any wild-eyed charge they make---they're actually talking about themselves. It's part of their psychological makeup.

I live among many highly educated people with advanced degrees. It's amazing the sense of entitlement they feel they have, simply due to their intelligence, real or perceived - accompanied by intense resentment when "lesser mortals" move in on their turf. Hell hath no fury like a "genius" scorned.

So true. A lot of the people I went to college with were, and remain, unrelentingly bitter that the "jocks" and "frat boys" manage to live better lives than they do, despite said jocks obvious mental and cultural inferiority.

I am reminded of the refrain of my lefty acquaintances in 2000 that they couldn't vote for Bush because he was a "frat boy" and grew up in conditions of privilege. The group I hanged with in college was very anti-Greek, but I always suspected that there was a certain degree of envy hiding behind their disdain. And I still don't understand how resenting Bush's privilege and family support leads one to support Al Gore... who flunked out of law and divinity school and coasted on his own father's political career.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Kurt Vonnegut has lost his mind.

Kurt Vonnegut comes out with a published, semi-coherent rant about Americans being as bad as Nazis, Bush stealing the election, war is caused by racism... the usual spittle-flecked ranting of the deranged left.

Albert Einstein and Mark Twain gave up on the human race at the end of their lives, even though Twain hadn’t even seen World War I. War is now a form of TV entertainment. And what made WWI so particularly entertaining were two American inventions, barbed wire and the machine gun. Shrapnel was invented by an Englishman of the same name. Don’t you wish you could have something named after you?

Like my distinct betters Einstein and Twain, I now am tempted to give up on people too. And, as some of you may know, this is not the first time I have surrendered to a pitiless war machine.

Leftists usually conceal their profound misanthropy under a veil of political correctness. Either Vonnegut is less successful than Michael Moore at this, or he just doesn't care.

I'm going to shoot at a complex point and probably miss, but what the hell. That point would be, intellectual elitists like Vonnegut tend to cease thinking about persons as individuals, and tend to think about humans as a collective. I think the ego-driver behind it is, "I'm a big thinker, and I need a big cereal... I mean, I need to think about things macroscopically, in proportion to my mighty intellect."

And I think this causes much misery. The human intellect was not designed to encompass an understanding of all humans everywhere. ALso, human diversity makes such an understanding impossible. Sooner or later, one will just become frustrated and contemptuous of the whole human experiment.

Which is why in my mid-twenties it occurred to me that my best shot at happiness and contentment was just to carve out a secure, private, comfortable space around me and those I cared about.

Long story short, trying to solve all the world's problems leads to misery and, apparently, misanthropic insanity. Trying to solve the problems in one's immediate domain leads to happiness.

Wussies of the NBA

Rudy Gersten on spoiled pussy millionaires to cowardly to show up in Athens

The terrorists have won at least one battle with the United States this summer. They have scared away many of our most talented basketball players from playing on the 2004 U.S. Olympic team in Athens. The list of perennial NBA All Stars that either declined invitations or withdrew after previously agreeing to play is quite impressive: Tracy McGrady, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Jermaine O'Neal, Vince Carter, Elton Brand, Kenyon Martin, and Ben Wallace — to name just a few.

Many of these players have not been shy about why they refused to play for Team U.S.A. Wallace and fellow NBA championship teammate Richard Hamilton quit the Olympic team for "security reasons," according to the Detroit Free Press. Even though their own head coach, Larry Brown, is the head coach of the Olympic squad, both players were apparently not as brave. Same goes for Kidd, O'Neal, McGrady, and Wallace — all of whom cited "security concerns" as their primary reason not to play.

Several of these players will be in the basketball Hall of Fame one day. But there ought to be an asterisk next to each of their names, to let generations to come know that they decided not to represent our country in the Olympics while America was at war.

Pat Tillman they ain't.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Kerry and Reagan

I understand the next SVFT ad will feature Kerry's 1971 act of treason testimony before the Senate vilifying American soldiers as murderers, rapists, and atrocitizers.

O.K. I was a toddler in 1971, gabbling nonsense, puring Malt-O-Meal on the cat, and so forth. So, what I know of the politics of the era is what I glean from reading what others wrote about the period. But think about this: Kerry said what he said, knowing it would be recorded for future use. We know he had political ambitions back then. Obviously, he thought his vilification of American troops would help him.

My point is, in 1971, the radical leftists thought they were going to win. They thought America was going to be their own Socialist Republic. They thought making radical statements would make them heroes, and earn them places of power in the future American Politburo.

One man, more than any other, stopped them from succeeding.

Thank you, Ronald Reagan. Without you, Kerry's 1971 testimony might have been the icing on the revolutionary cake, instead of an embarrassment he is going all out to bury.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Hollywood Loves Dumbasses

Jonah Goldberg at NRO

Have you ever noticed that the actors who play the dumbest characters have a surprisingly good shot at becoming stars? For example, Vinny Barbarino – played by John Travolta – was, by my lights, the worst character on “Welcome Back Carter.” If you’d asked me who had the best shot from “That 70’s Show” to have a break-out career, I never would have guess it’d be that Ashton Kutcher guy. The main character is a vastly --vastly superior actor. Christina Applegate is now a bigger star than the rest of her “Married, With Children….” Obviously there are exceptions. Tony Danza isn’t bigger than several of his Taxi co-stars, but he was indisputably the worst actor on the show and he’s doing better than the guy who played the actor. But it’s indisputably true that Potsy from “Happy Days,” Stan 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz from Barney Miller and many others haven’t made it big. But it does seem that, statistically, you have a better shot at doing better career-wise if you start out playing a moron than if you don’t. Just look at Sean Penn, whose break-through role was in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

I don't know why either. My first thought was that dumb celebrities are much easier to manage, more likely to put themselves in the hands of agents, publicists, imagemakers who will package them effectively and steer them to good roles. Celebrities too dumb or too smart to overcome their own egos will be led into bad PR moves and bad roles.

I think it's more likely though that audiences are less threatened by stupid characters, and this makes them easier to embrace.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Jim McGreevey: Adding a new dimension the concept of a 'swing state'

This point has probably been made already, but doesn't this seem like a case of a politician caught with his hand in the till playing the victim card? Before the gay story broke, the original news was that there was a corruption and campaign finance scandal. Then, this was entirely overshadowed by the titillating gay angle. Meanwhile, McGreedy gets to play the victim, gets sympathy from the press and the left (but I repeat myself), and the real story... corruption and political sleaze... goes by the wayside.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

2 Candidates, 2 Stories, 2 Different Approaches

When Bush was accused of being AWOL by one man, who had a political axe to grind with the Bushes, and another man who didn't accuse Bush of being AWOL but merely said he didn't recall seeing Bush in the Texas ANG during the period (and who, by the way, would have been unlikely to see him anyway and who also recently was revealed to be in the early stages of Alzheimer's) .... the response of the media was to pound Bush non-stop demanding documentation and answers.

Kerry, on the other hand, is being accused of lying and distorting his service record by sixty men who have put together an exhaustively detailed book, with extensive footnotes, eyewitness accounts, sworn affadavits, and verbatim statements. The response of the media is not to demand answers from Kerry but to smear the reputation of the accusers.

Frankly, I care less about bashing Bush or bashing Kerry than I care about basic fairness. No way is the above situation fair by any reasonable standard.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Oh, no... al Qaeda is recruiting kittens!!

BRUSSELS – A plane had to make an emergency landing at Brussels half an hour after takeoff – because a kitten got into the cockpit.

A woman was travelling with a cat in a cage, in the cabin with her. The kitten, called Gin, escaped. Gin made his way down the aisle and later into the cockpit where it turned aggressive. When it attacked the co-pilot, the pilots decided to make an emergency landing "as a precaution".


Okay, if this was a kitten... or, hell, a full-grown cat... I would think it could be subdued by the flight crew without an emergency landing. Kinda makes the EUropilots sound like... um, pussies.

EUrotopia's Economic Decline Continues

According to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, EUrotopia is only somewhat less poor than Mississippi

A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the U.S. with real gross domestic product per person in 2003 of $34,960 (in 1999 dollars). This is well above every European country. The most productive European country, Norway, has a per capita GDP of just $30,882 (converted using purchasing power parity exchange rates). The major countries of Europe are even further behind: United Kingdom ($26,039), France ($25,578), Italy ($24,894), and Germany ($24,813).

In other words, Europeans produce no more per year than Americans did 20 years ago. And they are not catching up. According to the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, the productivity gap between the U.S. and Europe is actually widening. In the Euro area as a whole, workers were 86 percent as productive as American workers in 1995. In 2003, this fell to 84 percent.

As a consequence, living standards are much lower in Europe than most Americans imagine. This fact is highlighted in a new study by the Swedish think tank Timbro. For example, it notes that the average poor family here has 25 percent more living space than the average European. Looking at all American households, we have about twice as much space: 1,875 square feet here versus 976.5 square feet in Europe. On average, Europeans only live about as well as those in the poorest American state, Mississippi.


According to a July 25 report in the New York Times, on an average day 25 percent of Norway’s workers call in sick. A 2002 study in Sweden found that the average worker there took more than 30 sick days per year. Makes you wonder just how good their health-care systems really are.


The Democrats as Michael Jackson

If the press told the truth about Bush, and the truth about Kerry, in a fair and even-handed way, Bush would be up 15 - 20 points in the polls. Not because Bush is that great, but just because he's not the dim-witted right-wing extremist that the donks and the press make him out to be. His modest accomplishments in the war and the economy are still far greater than the abject failures the media and the donks make them out to be. Meanwhile, honest reporting on the viciousness and hypocrisy of his opponents, and the questionable Vietnam record and overall weirdness of John Kerry, would spread the gap.

Bush isn't that great, but he's not as terrible as he's made out to be. Kerry isn't that great, but it's hard to tell when no one in the press will ask basic questions like "You say you have a plan to win in Iraq, what is it?" and "How do you explain the inconsistencies in your accounts of your Vietnam-era experience?"

The donks are ill-served by having a fawning press that acts as their PR arm. The press insulates them from having to behave sanely and deal honestly with voters. Maybe it will save their bacon this election, but in the long run, isolation from reality is not healthy. (e.g. Michael Jackson). The out-of-touch celebrity insulated by press agents, depending on publicists to sell an image to the public, is a pretty good one for the modern democrat party.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ten Reasons to Swap California to Canada

I've been thinking about starting a website on this topic: Swap California to Canada in exchange for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This would provide at least ten benefits to Canuckistan:

1. Immediate doubling of Canada's population.
2. Increase of Canadian GDP from $957.7 billion (2003 est.) to $2.3 Trillion.
3. Convenient delivery of Mexican labor to your doorstep, backyard, corner in front of the Home Depot...
4. Charles becomes a Canadian
5. LA Kings, San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Mighty Ducks.
6. Repatriation of William Shatner and Mike Myers.
7. Svend Robinson and Winona Ryder can be shopping buddies
8. Hollywood exports Canadian culture worldwide.
9. Mexican-Canadians in California provide cultural balance to French Canadians in Quebec.
10. Ahnuld can become Prime Ministernator.

Think about it, won't you? Thank you.

Dan Rather: "Journalists Are Cowardly Cry-Babies"

From Drudge:

Addressing the challenges of covering politics in a politically polarized environment, CBS (Dan) Rather stated that "fear has increased in every newsroom in America," and added that reporting on explosive issues can bring a torrent of e-mails and phone calls. That can lead to a situation, he said, in which journalists conclude that "when you run this story, you're asking for trouble with a capital 'T'. . . Why run it?"

Well, Dan, there are many ways to answer that, the first being "You're journalists, for Set's sake! It's your freakin' job to tell the story!".

Also, one notes that fear of 'asking for trouble' apparently did not discourage you from running Abu Ghraib stories day after day after day after day for weeks on end. 'asking for trouble' didn't stop you from promoting spurious allegations that Bush was AWOL from the Texas ANG during Vietnam. 'asking for trouble' didn't stop you from covering the spurious allegations of disgruntled unemployed bureaucrats like Richard Clarke and Joe Wilson when they were slamming the president.

No, you only seem to be afraid of 'asking for trouble' when it comes to reporting fairly on the charges made by the SBVFT. You're only afraid of 'asking for trouble' play when it comes to avoiding accurate coverage of Palestinian babarity. You're only afraid of 'asking for trouble' when it comes on exposing the deranged lies of fanatical Bush-haters like Michael Moore.

Lunacy and Africa-America

I think I figured out why so much of the "African-American" community is susceptible to lunatic beliefs like Jewish doctors created AIDS to exterminate black people, that the CIA sold crack in black communities to destroy blacks (here's a hint... if crack is destroying your community, don't buy any!), and that OJ was the victim of a racist conspiracy.

Where this went wrong was, as with everything else, the sixties. The liberal boomer left took on civil rights as their pet project, and because their generation was wrong about everything else except civil rights, it's still their pet project even though... in my opinion, if you're African-American and your biggest problem is your feelings get hurt when you see the Confederate Flag ... the racial issue is pretty much over.

Here's the problem, the boomer left didn't adopt those African-Americans with solid values, hard-work, and common sense to catapult to the forefront of their movement. Instead, the African-Americans most likely to find favor within the left and the donk party were the radicals... Sheila Jackson Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters. The left consciously chose to elevate and empower blacks who hated America, and were paranoid loons... instead of advancing those who had common sense and solid values.

And that is largely the reason there is so much racist paranoia and lunacy among the African-American community.

Ten Movies Hollywood Will Never Make

1. A film in which the villain is a greedy trial lawyer who forces baby doctors out of business with lawsuits based on junk-science and decided by idiot juries.

2. A film in which the villain is a power-crazed EPA bureaucrat who drives family farmers out of business using junk environmental science and heavy-handed regulation.

3. A film in which the hero is a small business owner who triumphs despite fierce opposition from government bureaucrats and ill-informed activist tools.

4. A film in which a working-class family is terrorized by union thugs for breaking a strike.

5. A film in which the heroine is an upright Christian defending her values against social nihilists. For that matter, a film in which Christians are portrayed as caring, loving, spiritual people.

6. A film in which the emotional social activists demanding action are wrong, and the people who approach the issue with logic and clarity are right.

7. A film in which a minority child escapes a corrupt, bureaucratic, failing inner city school system through a voucher to a private school.

8. A film in which a woman in desperate circumstances chooses adoption over abortion, and the child grows up to become a great human being.

9. A film that portrays a social-activist organization as a snake's nest of petty personal vendettas, rampant neuroses, and trustafarianism run amuck.

10. A film in which a liberal character's compassion is revealed to be cheap, phony, and hypocritical.

Frankly, there are plenty of good books out there, there's lots of outdoors to spend time in (just spent a week backpacking in parts of it), there are our own families and our LGF family. Screw Hollywood. The real world is much more interesting and relevant.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Mean People Suck

This last week, I was camping and hiking in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with the boy. Mostly, despite getting lost and spending an afternoon hip-deep in Lake Superior with a fully-loaded backpack on my back --- mostly an enjoyable experience.

We cut short the hiking early and went to Sault Ste Marie for lunch and more Edmund Fitzgerald memorabilia than we knew existed. Then, down to St. Ignace, where we stayed at a modest, non-chain motel. Early in the evening, we went out and bought some Mackinac island fudge and were making our way back to the truck when we got a little bit lost. I figured out that the quickest way back to the parking lot would be an alley behind a bed & breakfast, so we quickly cut through there, passing by the kitchen of a coffee shop attached to the bed and breakfast. As we passed, some demented bitch leaned out of the screen window by the coffee shop and snarled/yelled "This ain't no thoroughfare."

I don't know what her deal was. If she didn't want people passing through 'her' alley she could have posted signs, but there were none. I could see CJ was cross --- he doesn't handle being yelled at very well --- so I just said, "What a bitch. Do you think 'thoroughfare' is the longest three-syllable word she knows?" And then, we both had a good laugh about it. I never looked back, but I could imagine her standing there, seething at us. People with anger issues hate being laughed at. Therefore, laughing at them is probably the best policy.

I guess I've just had it with letting insanely neurotic people get their way all the time. Maybe laughing at them is the beginning of taking power back, regaining civility. As a society, we've let the demented bitches run things far too long. Case in point: Hillary.

Kerry Operatives Set Out to Smear Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Pay

More loveliness from the Kerry Campaign

The Democrat National Committee has prepared a full-scale assault against the Vietnam Veterans for Truth to draw their character and veracity into question, according to one anonymous source inside the DNC. The campaign of character assassination is scheduled to coincide with the release of the book Unfit for Command which reveals inconvenient facts for the Kerry campaign.

“We have prepared what we call ‘Brown Books’ that contain damaging military records, personal credit histories, medical histories, psychiatric histories, divorce records, you name it,” our source told us. "We've got the goods on the Veterans who oppose Kerry."