Friday, December 03, 2004

Sorry Losers, Part XVI

Photo from the apologies-accepted-dot-com website

1. Mr. Bean's even more retarded and much less funny French cousin Monsieur Legume

2. "I feel Pretty/Oh so pretty..."

3. Five minutes later, Eddie Murphy pulled up and asked him if he needed a ride.

4. Most lefty parents won't let their off-spring leave home until they can successfully dress themselves, which explains both lefty fashion sense and why so many live in their parents' basements until well into their thirties.

5. Should I feel empathy for the daily agonies he suffers because of his gender confusion, or just a burning desire to beat the crap out of him. Oh, wait, he's French. dumb question.

6. The kind of person you never find working at Jiffy Lube

7. When I said I wanted to see something feminine and French in a tight sweater, this is not what I had in mind.

8. Why Mic is no longer allowed to teach Fourth Grade girls PhysEd.

9. While "The Soup Nazi" is legendary in the Pantheon of Minor Seinfeld characters, his colleague "The Au Bon Pain Collaborator" never quite achieved mythic status.

10. Mr Bean is Ed Wood in Glen or Glenda


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does this French moonbat have the exact same facial expression as the beaver-pothead on the thread below?

Anonymous said...

LOL! As usual, right on.

On a different note:
I think this pretty lady might be after your heart.

Shane Crowley said...

The warm and fuzzy feeling in their hearts was quickly replaced by hate when the folks at SorryEverybody realized that Mic from France was in fact Stoned Gopher from Ottawa, Canada.

SOTG said...

Holy shit, Matt LeBlanc is NOT doing well since they canceled "Friends"!

Horse said...

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