Monday, December 06, 2004

Sorry Loser, Part XVII

Yet another disappointed Kerry-hugger from sorry-everybody-dot-com.

1.The motto of Earthjustice is Earth not only needs a good lawyer... and if this guy is stalking her, she also needs a restraining order.

2. 60,000 Quarter pounders ago, he modeled for the FTD logo.

3. (Obscure Reference Red Alert!) The Triffids were ultimately defeated by an obese giant in a silly hat.

4. His grandma's garden was the only thing Willis ever deflowered

5. Hm, the gut, the beard, and the T-shirt say "dominant bear" but the pretty flowers say "submissive twink." Once again, Andrew Sullivan is sending mixed signals.

6. (Obscure Frasier-esque reference) "Here's rosemary, that's for SwiftBoat Vets. So remember. And here's some pansies for gay marriage bans. There's fennel for you, and columbines: there's rue for you; and here's some for me: .." Michael Moore was the worst Ophelia ever.

7. "I feel pretty...oh so pretty...!"

8. Willis thought Marx was wrong about one thing. Religion was not the opium of the masses... poppies were the opium of the masses.

9. Willis combines his left-wing angst with his love of pretending to be the newly crowned Miss America.

10. If this is the flower girl, I'd hate to see the bride.


Anonymous said...

Yet another site with idiots holding signs...LOL

Skizz said...

There's another site? Damn.. it won't load. How about QUite a few funny pics on there.