Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Old People With Holiday Tree

Gerard and Rita P---- hoist a spruce tree on their car. Gerard P---- said he was impressed by the "good selection" of trees at the lot. Sentinel-Standard/Steve DeGrush.

1. "And when the holidays are over, we'll just throw it in the wood-chipper and use it to mulch the garden." "Do you mean the tree, or the hitch-hiker we got stashed in the trunk?"

2. "I love shopping here. They always have such lovely shit."

3. "I smell Alpo, did you just cut one?"

4. "Don't you feel like a hypocrite? Us being Satanists and all."

5. "The smell of Fixodent gets me so hot, I've got half a mind to bend you over the trunk and ram yo' booty right here, right now."

6. "Jingles Bellsh! Jingle Bellsh. (hic) Jingle all the... on Dancer! On Pransher! What? Coursh I'm good ta drive ya (hic) nasty old skank!"

7. "What do you say we go over the farmer's market and run down some young people?"

8. "All right, but next Christmas, I'm goin' to Fire Island with Hank."

9. "We'll have a 'Yule Log' too... soon as the Vi@gr@ kicks in."

10. "Hey! I got an idea! Why don't we go down to the docks and score some acid before we put the lights up?"


Frank IBC said...

I'm guessing they put their dentures back in after the photo-op was done?

Rightwingsparkle said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! As usual you crack me up. But some visuals there were a little disturbing. ANYWAY, Happy New Year too!

V the K said...

Thanks and right back at you.

andi mac said...

Notice the "W" sticker on the bumper. These folks are Michigan rebels!