Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Theme of the Day: Butt Pirates in Purple and Black

Weird end of the season for Bill Maher who witnessed his own trainwreck of a show. It finished with uber-blogger Andrew Sullivan massaging his own ass for what seemed like an eternity during the credit roll. (pictured).

Hat tip: Andthenblammo and Dvorak Uncensored

1. "Well, I'll come back for next season's show, but I get to turn the stool upside down before I sit on it, deal?"

2. The way Andrew Sullivan grabs his ass whenever anyone says the word "Ashcroft" is just downright creepy.

3. "Well, if you blokes are too uptight, I'll just 'ave to play with me own arse."

4. "Look, I'm sorry, mates, but when your bum's been used more times than a toilet seat at a Grand Central Station, anal leakage becomes a real issue."

5. Hey, Sullivan, the Joker called. He wants his shirt back.

6. It's not Andrew's fault. He just read the name of the Teleprompter and got a little excited.

7. I don't want to say Andrew is a slut, but apparently his ass has its own cell phone.

8. "Hey, Andrew, 1994 called. They want their impression of Jim Carrey's talking ass back."

9. "In all honesty, Andrew, you are not too sexy for your ass."

10. "We tried to warn you, Andrew, hemorrhoids and Mexican food just don't mix, but did you listen? No-o-o-o-o."


Anonymous said...


"Andrew resolved to never again bet Anne Coulter he would wear her underwear for a week if her candidate won an election; although he did feel very special inside........."


Frank IBC said...

Andrew gives a dying Arafat, watching on his TV in a Paris hospital, a vision of Jannat al-Firdaus.