Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sorry Losers, Part VI

1. I'm guessing HOMO in this case is an ancronym for Heroin-Oriented MOron

2. The cat seems to fear it is about to be buggered.

3. Looking at this photo, I'm having a major "It's Pat" moment.

4. Two members of KISS without their make-up. On the left, Gene Simmons. On the right, Peter Criss.

5. I liked it better when their signs just said "Will Work For Food." I know they didn't really mean it, but at least it had a certain dignity.

6. The cat's name is "Beaver," in case you're wondering.

7. "I'm as screwed up as you are..." provided the "you" in question is Margot Kidder coming off a three-week crystal meth and Tidy Bowl bender.

8. Got Heroin?

9. Difference between a lamp and any human being on Earth? She can turn on a lamp.

10. And the cat's just thinking, "I don't know whether the Hell it's a man or a woman either."

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Poor cat. He looks so mortified.