Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Two Bitter Feminists and a Bald Guy Walk into a Bar...

MoveOn-dot-org co-founder Joan Blades (on the left) shares a panel discussion with International Answer co-founder Gloria la Riva (on the right) at the 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement in Berserkely, CA, October 8, 2004. --- Zombie

1. "You would be amazed at how much pleasure the oppressed African on my right can give you with just two fingers. It was so intense, I almost had a facial expression."

2. "For the next phase of operation 'Silent Shudder', we will use code names. I will be 'Medusa,' the man on my right will be 'Big Daddy,' and the woman to my far right will be called 'Hatchet Face.'"

3. "I've answered this question twice already... the man on my right did not play the Arab guy in Office Space."

4. "... and for goddess's sake, do not forget, Michael Moore requires two, repeat, two whole roasted pigs stuffed with figs in his dressing room."

5. "How many bitter, non-orgasmic women does it take to run a left-wing organization? Two."

6. "There's only enough food in the bunker for two days. After that, we eat the bald guy."

7. Jamal is shocked to learn that after the Revolution, all men will become shaved eunuchs.

8. "He likes to dip his smooth, bald head in vegetable oil... and rub it all over my body."

9. "... by the way, whoever was in charge of the panel's refreshments ... 'drinking the Kool-Aid' is just an expression."

10. "Okay, so, if we count Rainbow's helper monkey, that makes two people under the age of 60 in the audience..."

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Rightwingsparkle said...

Come on! What about the same feminist stringy hair on both women?
I wish I could come up with this stuff. I usually just funnyblog link. I use to be funny.....lost it somewhere between 84' and now.