Friday, October 15, 2004

Today's Target: Another Pompous Irish Blowhard

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Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, left, speaks with hosts Regis Philbin, center and Kelly Ripa during an appearance on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' Thursday Oct. 14, 2004, in New York. (AP Photo/Buena Vista Television, HO)
- Yahoo News

1. "Great Interview, Kelly, and nothing says 'Job well done' like a nice hot shower and loofah with a middle-aged talk-show host, am I right, Reeg?"

2. "I don't know why some chicks are turned off by lesbian erotica ... personally I find it most compelling ..."

3. "Screw that skank, and screw her lawsuit. What are you lookin' at me like that for? Because I'll take this belt off and lay the smackdown on you, is that what you want?"

4. "She had really huge... tracts of open land."

5. Regis: "Bill, I know this is a stressful time, but you got to relax. Me, I just like to kick back in my dressing room, light up a doobie, and watch porn in my underwear. So, when do we come back from commercial? What do you mean thirty seconds ago?"

6. "Kelly, if I wasn't so sure you were a lesbian, I'd swear you were coming on to me."

7. "I swear it was this big... I mean, I always suspected Brit Hume was huge, but damn!"

8. "Sssh, Kelly, sweeheart, the men are trying to have a 'grown-up' conversation. Why don't you go whip me up some pancakes."

9. "So, Kelly... you doin' anything after the show. I keep a little place over at the Morningwood Estates... It's the only place I go that isn't a 'no spin' zone, if you know what I mean."

10. "So, is this the show with Pimpbot 3000? I've always wanted to meet him."


Anonymous said...

I'd say #1, but nothing could be funnier than his actual words in the harrasment complaint..;-)

Anonymous said...

wanted to make sure you saw these ripe sKerry images courtesy of Getty. Obviously, the one with the gun, the one with the pumpkin and the last one with the salute are priceless.|1|0|30|0|0|1|0|0|0|51484050|0|0|0|0|0||0|0|0|0&p=1

walstib, coming to you from LGF :-)
keep up the good work!