Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"Pampered" Terrorist

Israeli soldiers arrest Imad Qawasmeh in the divided West Bank town of Hebron. The Israeli army arrested a top military leader of the radical Palestinian group Hamas, accused of masterminding a string of deadly anti-Israeli attacks.(AFP/Hazem Bader)

1. "Well, if you had just answered the 'boxers or briefs' question, Mr. Smarty-Terrorist, you wouldn't be standing there right now would you?"

2. "Something about stealing them from kids and somehow making a fortune, I'm a little vague about the details."

3. "Man, this guy is, like, the worst poker player ever."

4. "Check it out, guys. Nipple-Clamp scars. This guy is definitely part of Arafat's inner circle."

5. "Umm, 'have him shaved and brought to my tent,' is just an expression. What do you mean 'no, it isn't?'"

6. "Damn, arrested right in the middle of posting my analysis of the Texas ANG memos to the blogosphere."

7. "Terrorist? Me? A terrorist? No way! My name is... um, Dieter. Do you want to touch my monkey?"

8. "I guess we know why Hamas has stopped chanting 'Allah Akhbar' and replaced it with 'Who Wears Short-Shorts."

9. "All right, Mr Slave. We're only going to ask you one more time, what happened to Lemmiwinks?"

10. It was only when the IDF soldiers began trading quotes from Deliverance that the terrorist finally broke down and 'squealed.'


Anonymous said...

Hilarious !

How do you come up with all this stuff!?

signed, Praxeus

Rightwingsparkle said...

Ok, your hilarious! I 'borrowed' from you on my blog. (gave you credit tho!!) Keep it up!

V the K said...

Sparkle: "Share and Enjoy" is, I believe, the motto of the internet.

Praxeus: MST3K is my favorite TV show of all time. Nuff said.

V the K said...

P.S. It does help when people comment on specifically good captions. My favorite in this one is "Lemmiwinks." And I wondered if the ANG Memos -Pajama blogger reference was too obscure.

Anonymous said...

Cold-blooded murderer or not, that's a nice package.

-Frank IBC

Anonymous said...

well the first one is my favorite. But then I have no idea what lemmiwinks are.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he got his briefs from the same place as Ned Beatty did.

-Frank IBC