Monday, October 11, 2004

Afghan Democracy: It's a Good Thing

Afghan election workers sort ballots at a counting center in Kabul October 11, 2004.
- Yahoo News

1. The Kabul High School Yearbook Committee sorts ballots in the Mock Election, including votes for "Loveliest Burkha" and "Most Likely to Become a Martyr."

2. Team Afghanistan surges to the lead in the 2004 World Origami Cup

3. In another mixed sign of progress, Afghanistan Penthouse Forum is overwhelmed with letters from lonely goatherds, who never thought it would happen to them.

4. "This can not be right... everyone in Vardak Province voted for Pat Buchanan?"

5. Lucy and Ethel just before the voting machines speeded up and they had to force the ballots into their... um, orifices.

6. "Really? With Dick Cheney... Oh, that Cokie Roberts is one lucky infidel."

7. Counting votes was hard work, especially with the Being of Pure Light and Energy constantly peering over their shoulders.

8. "It would be much easier to do this if you would stop provocatively rubbing my groin."

9. "No, we must send all of these TPS reports back. They have the wrong cover page."

10. "Nothing left but wrappers. I see Sally Struthers got to the food relief shipment before we did."


Anonymous said...

OK, that's two Cokie Roberts with Dick Cheney jokes. Is there some rumour here I should know about?

V the K said...

Actumously, it's 3 Cokie Roberts caps. (Check the Cheney thread.) I just think the Cokie/Cheney thing is funny, so I'm riffing on it.

If Kerry wins, expect a lot of captions linking TuhRayZuh and P. Diddy.... or possibly William Shatner... or P. Diddy and Willian Shatner...