Monday, September 27, 2004

Meanwhile, in a bar not far from Lambert Field

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry sits with a beer to watch some of the NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Indianapolis Colts at the Main Street Pub and Grill in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, September 26, 2004.

1. This game is called "Spot the obvious caption." Did you guess, "Pull my finger?"

2. "We love slumming with you humble peasant-folk. Tomorrow, Tuhrayzuh is going to be watching 'Days of Our Lives' in a hair salon in Kenosha."

3. "Whoa! Some game. I haven't seen a big, heavy guy take a blow like that since Clinton was in office."

4. "I'm a regular, sports-loving guy. So, how is the local squadron doing in this match? Have they scored many touchgoals?"

5. "Bring me another beer, and while you're at it, ask Garth Brooks to pull my finger."

6. "My economic plan is simple... just marry a billionaire widow."

7. "Wow, the bartender sure did get pissy when I tried to pay in Sacajawea dollars."

8. "Tuhrayzuh's had a headache for the last four months and... long story short, is there any chance Janet Jackson will show up and pop out her joybags again?"

9. "Damn, the Colts are in a real quagmire. They should just quit the game."

10. "Why am I wearing buttless leather chaps? Let's just say, I have another 'photo-op in a bar' in twenty minutes. Plus, they feel nice."


papijoe said...

I've been in my cube giggling like a little schoolgirl for the past hour.

Glad you finally took the plunge!

RomeoDelta said...

Well done! I really don't mean to plug my site, but I have a caption contest there that you should probably be a part of.

The pictures and the captions you pick are outstanding!!

Anonymous said...

What is this liquid that you refer to as "beer"?

V the K said...

Ricky V --- I'll give it some thought. I don't want to stretch myself too much, tho'