Monday, August 30, 2004

Politics for the Jungen

I've got two boys. The 13yo is very strong-minded, can't wait to join the military, and is absolutely clear that he thinks liberals are idiots. The 14 yo is into music, kind of insecure, and very subjectible to peer pressure. In his heart and mind, he is conservative, but since all his teachers and all the bands he likes are anti-Bush morons, so are his friends, and so he thinks he should be as well. We had a long talk this weekend, and I pretty much laid out my philosophy: Never trust any politician about anything. Bush is awful, but Kerry is worse. It's not about political parties, it's about what you believe yourself, and finding a candidate who is going to screw you over less than the other one. I also told him he was allowed to have any opinion he wanted in this house as long as he can justify it with facts and logic.

I think he appreciated that I gave him an out by being completely anti-political, he places himself at an even cooler notch than his fashionably left friends, while not opening himself up to inquisition from them.

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Jorgen said...

>Never trust any politician about anything.

Hear, hear! Or like the cookie file on the UNIX systems put it: Love your country, but never trust its government!