Friday, January 13, 2017

How online hackers can hack your Facebook account

While V the K is mostly a blog about fun and internet memes we have decided to dedicate this post to a more serious topic.
This is a guest post from - Blue Portal is the best online Facebook password hacker in existance.

Why Facebook?

Facebook accounts are preferred targets of hackers and scammers these days, and it’s easy to see why.

Just like any other popular web site its popularity draws in a lot of malicious users. Of course you can use your Facebook account for numerous great things nonetheless the only thing these people intend is to compromise your account.

The most common methods used by Facebook hackers

As there is no way to COMPLETELY safeguard your Facebook account you can be quite safe if you abide by the following easy principles shown down below:

Most importantly you must be highly wary should you receive a message inquiring you to confirm your Facebook password. Facebook wouldn't ask for your account info. They don't need to. They already have it filed in their database. You can be sure that the risks of a fraudster mailing an imitation email message to acquire your login details are way higher than Facebook really messaging you to validate your account details.

Password stealing apps

The second thing to remember is to only install apps that you really trust. Facebook applications are capable of doing loads of actions including posting on your wall and messaging your friends privately. Even if the hacker does not know how to hack a Facebook account he can simply use a Facebook hacking tool to do the job. Therefore, if a hacker gets you to install his app you are assisting him in spreading his malicious app to your contacts. Make sure to reduce the access of the applications you install. Mainly permit them to read from your account and don't allow them to write posts etc. Even if the app is not made by a hacker it can still prove to be quite irritating for your contacts thus mainly install applications that you really trust.

Additionally, when getting e-mail messages from Facebook always be highly wary in case url's are within the e-mail messages. Bear in mind that Facebook will hardly ever ask you to click hyperlinks directly embedded in the e-mail. It's usually safer to log into Facebook to check for notifications instead of through emails. Bear in mind that e-mail messages could be forged hence you shouldn't trust the e-mail sender despite whom the e-mail looks like it's from.

URL's that link to online Facebook hackers

Be wary of visiting new outgoing URL's that display in the news feed or on your wall, no matter if they seem to be sent from a trusted friend. Once a hacker breaks into an account then he or she have the option to claim to be the owner of the hacked account, and it could be weeks until the criminal is discovered, if ever.

One method to defend your Facebook profile from intruders would be to ensure that you exclusively use your Fb password on your Fb account. A lot of us usually utilize the same password for all of their accounts which is certainly idiotic because you lose each of them if just a single one of the accounts gets broken into.

One other thing to remember is to look at your Facebook timeline on a daily basis. Here you will get a summary of every little thing you've done from your Facebook account thus it will be easier to pick up on just about any unknown actions. If you discover something you don't recall doing then you could easily take it away by double clicking the activity.

Beware of new "friends"

If you haven't already, you will without a doubt receive friend requests from people who you don't know. The majority will be legitimate requests but some of them might be from hackers planning to get into your Fb account. Normally hardly ever accept friend requests coming from persons you don't recognise. It does not matter how kind or beautiful they appear. Do not forget that the individual from the avatar might not be the person who created the user. Read on for some points to watch out for:

  1. There are a lot of variables which may expose whether an account is fake. The first thing you should check out is at what date the profile was made. If for example the FB profile is around a few days of age then it's possible that the FB profile was made in particular to friend request you.
  2. The malicious person is not very likely to make use of portraits of themself for the fraudulent Fb profile. He will probably for this reason normally download a bunch of pics by visiting Search engines. These will very often be photos of movie stars or good-looking models therefore they will often feel way too well done for just a Fb page. Do not forget this when you check if the profile is legitimate or phony.
  3. How many posts show up on the profile timeline? Is it the common styles of posts that you are familiar with watching from your other Fb contacts or are they weird? Should they seem strange, chances are that the complete Facebook profile is really a trick.

We hope this will help you staying safe on Facebook.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Challenge Accepted

1. The 'I'm With Hillary' sticker is pretty much redundant.

2. So, what is the guy in hat at left looking at that's more astonishing than the waddling abomination in front of him.

3.  Your gender? I'm not even going to assume your species.

4. When people look back the second decade of the 21st Century, this is what they're going to remember: Fat, manless women with bad dye-jobs. They're like hippies in the 1960's or the Global Influenza Pandemic of the 1910's.

5. "You may, however, assume that I will Supersize my Hardee's order."


Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Dmitri Martin? The Prime Minister of Canada? Balki? Pajama Boy? Who the hell is is this?

1. Given recent changes in Army policy, getting a Section 8 discharge is now almost impossible.

2. America's masculinity? It must have gotten lost somewhere with Obama's college transcripts and Hillary's emails.

3. Justin Trudeau prepares to welcome another group of refugees, all of whom are thinking, "This is going to be so easy."

4. "Oh, honey, no. You see, drag queens are supposed to be loud brassy women; not demure, garden-oriented women."

5. Martha Stewart secretly enjoyed humiliating the gardening staff.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Oh, Good, Someone Brought the Tea Towels


1. "How much for the little girls? Your women, I wish to buy them."

2. The Arabs were thrilled to be met at the airport by Bojack Horseman.

3. "Sarah Jessica Parker, you are even lovelier in person."

4. "So, two weeks after I ravaged the Saigon whorehouse, it starts to burn when I pee like you wouldn't believe."

5. "I swear, every time he tells this story, he ups the body count by a couple hundred gooks." 

Friday, September 30, 2016

When It Doesn't Put the Lotion on its Skin

1. "OK, OK, I'll vote for Trump."
2. Getting Michelle Rodriguez cleaned up for the Oscars is not a task for the feint of heart.
3. I see the Gamma Kappas are having Rush week again.
4. This is how Bob Barker "auditioned" all the Price Is Right girls; didn't know he was such a s---k f--k did you?
5. What every bridesmaid is really imagining when the bride comes down the aisle.

Nice Day for a Dip

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I'm Not Familiar with the Type of Thing I Am Seeing


Best of Submariner
Andrew Sullivan warms up dinner...

Best of Dr. Doom
On the plus side Raul's heavy erection was no longer under progress...

Best of metalgarth
Field testing of a Butt Closure

Monday, September 26, 2016

Well this is nauseating

1. "I had always hoped to be in your strong, manly arms at the End of the World."

2. "Don't worry, just stay calm, breathe in and out... I've had to talk Barry down off all kinds of bad trips. I know what I'm doing."

3. Well, inter-racial cuckold fetishsists have hit the jackpot today, I tell you what.

4. "Can't breathe, now. Time to let go. Really... Can't... breathe"

5. Off-to-the-side, Malaria fumed, "Can't we just have just one State dinner when mom isn't dry humping an old white guy?"

Best of Dr. Doom
"Who's a good little party wrecker," cooed Michele, "you are you're a good little party wrecker..."


Best of Dr. Doom
"Oh-oh this must be one of those Africanized Americans Mommy told me about," Thought President Bush...


Best of jimmy
So now we know what made little Malaria become a pothead. I shudder to think what she did to made her husband go gay like that.


Best of Kaptain Krude
Gee, Philo Beddoe looks pretty good for his age. Clyde, on the other hand....


Best of Submariner
Thawt bubble; "New rule: Let the Wookie win!"